Tooth Prevention

Orthodontic Treatment

The dentist who specializes in orthodontics is known as orthodontist. The orthodontics branch of dentistry specializes in the treatment of teeth that are positioned improperly. The orthodontist will treat various irregularities in facial growth. An orthodontist has to undergo 2 – 3 years special training for straightening the teeth and bite alignment. There are different options for straightening the teeth like aligners, retainers and braces made of metal or ceramic and micro braces. The micro braces are invisible. The orthodontist will decide the treatment after considering the age of the patient, difference in the size of his teeth and condition of his jaw. The orthodontist will select the best method to ensure that the patient’s teeth are straightened and he is able to put up a beautiful smile. Also, when in Australia its worth to take an opinion from Dr John P- Sunbury based dentist. You can check out his website at Dr John is Melbourne best dentist and practicing for past 10 years ago and during this time he has done so many dental implants as well.

Tasks performed by orthodontist

The dentist who specializes in orthodontics also practices cosmetic dentistry to enable the patients to improve their facial appearance. The various medical devices used by the orthodontist include braces, headgears and plates. Apart from treating improper bite the orthodontists will close the gaps that are formed between the teeth, improve speech of the patient, rectify the crooked teeth, take step to prevent trauma of teeth and help to keep the gums and teeth healthy and strong. The orthodontist ensures proper alignment of the tips of the teeth.



Those who are affected by malocclusion have to consult the orthodontist. When there is misalignment of teeth and the two dental arches are not proportional, it is considered as malocclusion. Injury of teeth or facial bone leads to malocclusion. Children who have the habit of thumb sucking are likely to get malocclusion. Since malocclusion will make serious impact on the facial appearance of the individual, it will lead to lack of self-confidence and also mental depression. Timely steps adopted by the orthodontist can rectify the defects and improve the facial appearance.

Conditions for orthodontic treatment

In case of children, the orthodontist will commence the treatment only after the child has completed 12 years of age. Before starting the treatment the dentist will confirm that the adult teeth of the patient are well developed. However, in case of the child has a cleft lip and palate, the treatment will be started before full development of the adult teeth. Good oral hygiene is essential for the orthodontic treatment. Since various devices will be kept on the teeth, the patient will be required to brush the teeth with extreme care during the treatment so as to prevent tooth decay. Those who fail to maintain good oral hygiene are more likely to get tooth decay during the course of treatment.

 The orthodontist will conduct a clinical examination and go through the medical as well as dental health history of the patient. He will take out models of the teeth using plaster and also take X-Rays of the roots of the teeth. After completing all preliminary investigations the orthodontist will decide about the treatment.


Braces are commonly used by orthodontists for treating their patients. The braces consist of wires, brackets and bands. The braces help the teeth to move to the right position. The most common type of braces are made of metal or plastic and the brackets are attached to the front side of the teeth. Lingual braces are attached to the back side of the teeth so that they will be invisible.