Suspension Training

Basics Of TRX Suspension Training

What Is It?

The TRX is a training system based on performing exercises in suspension, where the activities performed by the athlete, hands or feet are held in an anchor point while the other part of the body is resting on the ground .

In this discipline harnessing the body’s own weight is achieved exercise entire body musculature . To train resistant tape and adjustable nylon, on the one hand, has an anchor point on one end and footrests and hand grips on the other is used. These anchoring systems can be held almost anywhere, which favors the TRX can be performed anywhere.


This form of training was developed by the US Army, Navy SEAL, to put solution to a problem: he needed to make a continuous training but because of the type of work they performed, often had neither the equipment nor the traditional spaces of training. Thus, using the belt of a parachute team led by Randy Hetrick developed a series of exercises in which body weight used to perform functional exercises.

TRX difference compared to other conventional strength training is that here the athletes get more advantages. Besides developing functional strength improves balance, stability of the central part of the core (area encompassing the abdominal area and lower back) and flexibility.

TRX Benefits

Although born with a vocation to be a military training, they have joined TRX workout routines from collective activities such as basketball, teams up Sports Medicine, to improve rehabilitation in certain injuries. The main advantages are:

– Complete Activity: Enables train the whole body , and although its main purpose is to enhance muscle strength, performing functional exercises allows complete work with traditional weights and improve mobility, coordination and flexibility .

– Suitable For Children: The wide variety of exercises makes it can adapt to the routines of the elderly and the TRX is used to help them to move freely and without fear of falling.

– Recovery & Decreased Risk Of Injuries: Physiotherapists, sports doctors and rehabilitation use in treatments for improvement. In addition, this training the muscles that maintain proper posture during exercise work, stabilizing muscles, reducing the risk of injury, particularly in athletes usually perform weight training.

– Help Against Back Problems: The TRX special emphasis on the core . The body parts are working more lumbar, abdominal or chest muscles, for example. The continued practice of this training reinforces these areas and as a result reduces back pain and back pain .

– Loss & Weight Control: Working all parts of the body requires more energy expenditure.

– More Toning & Strength: Using the own body weight increases strength and toning muscle groups.

– Against The Loss Of Bone Mass: The exercises on the TRX can be low impact. However, it brings the benefits of activities and exercises where weight is supported and not favors bone mass decrease of people following training.


This training system has few limits on what sports experts recommend consulting a specialist before starting to train with the TRX only for routine safe and consider recommendations that could prevent injury or severe physical damage.

– Conduct a c prior Encouragement and know the moves before practice s. If not properly performed injuries may occur.

– It is important that the TRX is the lumbar area control . The abdomen and lumbar muscles have to perform together to prevent displacement of the pelvis occurring sequences.

– The athlete must control joints and stabilizer muscles. If you start to shake or lose stability should reduce resistance activity .

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