Tips When Choosing A Shaver

For all men most likely way to shave costs in the first place, because this has to face every day. The shaving machine or an electric razor each chooses. Time old sovdepovskih terrible electric razors passed, someone can remembers with horror the razor and does not even want to look in the direction of electric shavers. But we will talk about today’s electric shavers, how to choose and all its pros and cons.

Shaving System

So far, there are two shaving system – rotary and mesh . Rotor blade cuts the hairs rotating and vibrating mesh blades.

Rotary shaver suitable for gentle shaving stubble, and mesh for longer. It is believed that the mesh is less than injure the skin and rotary cleaner shave. For a closer shave razors rotor manufacturer uses several shaving heads, but the price increases.

Also available with electric shaver wet shaving, which uses a special foam or gel, after shave shaver head just washed with water. Of course this shaver can be used on dry, but the effect will be less. For men with a beard or mustache trimmers provide razor, such models will help you easily Throw and straighten hair.

If you are going to use the shaver on trips, business trips, you’ll like Razor battery-charger. Battery life depends on its capacity, from which, in turn, depends on the price. Also there are different memory, with the option of charging from the cigarette lighter in the car.

Additional Functions

In order to attract a buyer, the manufacturer builds into razor additional features:

  • floating head
  • cleaning indicator
  • charging indicator
  • overcharge protection
  • additional memory from the cigarette lighter

General Recommendations

When buying electric shavers consider the conditions under which you will use it more often. If you travel frequently by car, be sure to verify that the bundle includes the charger from the cigarette lighter. For longer trips, business trips should choose a battery with higher capacity. Shaving with a wet shaving suitable for delicate skin. For holders of a mustache or beard, you can purchase the kit tip trimmer, it will be cheaper than buying a separate electric shaver and trimmer.

In Custody

Try to buy electric shavers known manufacturers. Shavers with the fastest blades rotate to 13000 mod / m, of which the shaving will be cleaner and faster. Such companies as Philips, Braun and Panasonic, occupy a dominant position in the market. The choice is yours. If you want more knowledge on choosing and buying shavers machines then we recommends go to our official website at